Monday, 3 April 2017


"Why do you think society has this issue, and can't move forward?"

Sexism, the comparison of a gender in a rude manner. How did this social issue even come up for many years to go around? Why don't we end the problem once and for all? Honestly speaking, I don't exactly know all these answers. I did a little research and apparently long ago when humans were first created, both genders did work equally. Soon, marriages started. Then to result in having kids the women would decide to take care of the children while the men would hunt. Throughout the years, this made women potray as the "not as strong as men" gender. Although today and in the past we resolved and have proven the sterotypes relating to the equality to women, it continues. Why? Once again, I don't know for sure but I believe some individuals are taught ideas held as standard. Not everyone is perfect, meaning some people respect their opinions and result in being sexist as well as other social issues like rasicm. Others can be straight up rude. In conclusion, I'm not sure of anything but sexism is wrong and continuing the problem just makes it worse. Gender comparison shouldn't matter because we all are equal, and that counts.

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  1. some good ideas presented. Some more details needed.