Monday, 30 January 2017

Who has Power?

My peers and I had started this lesson off with choosing a topic that contains power. Social media is the power I chose to do with my fellow partners. After researching and finding links to support our reasoning's of media’s power, we had to present the information done. This was a significant session because today social media is a huge influence to youth. This generation is impacted so much from media it’s unbelievable. Today the most influential people, like celebrities, affect youth to an extent where some assume they need to look similar to those, and change their appearances to become “more beautiful”.
Social media does not only have a power for bad use, but once again can inspire to do something great, or just to try out something new. For example, you can search up room decor on tumblr for inspiration to redo your bedroom and to try out some new ideas. I would say I did improve because as a kid revolving around technology I did feel I was not as beautiful as some celebrities to meet up to their standards. Today I love the way I look and I know that I am beautiful in my own way. I feel to understand and acknowledge the effect social media has is necessary to realize.

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