Monday, 30 January 2017

Service Leadership Day Project. 

My partner and I presented to the class about group work and effort. We wanted to teach the class on the importance on teamwork and group activities. This was significant because it brought the class together to work as a community to learn how effective working alongside can be. Before we started we wanted to acknowledge what a students perspective is on team effort. My partner and I interviewed Sana Amin to sort of analyze her point of view of the topic. Group work can help in the future when you may have to endeavor with someone you may not get along with. I learned you can also finish given tasks quicker with the help of teamwork, and effective use of time. My partner and I improved on the feedback given back for us to develop, and upgrade. As I mentioned before, group work helps us acknowledge what achievements and how  many tasks you can accomplish with cooperation of others. In the future if your boss partners you up with an individual you may not like, too bad. You're going to have to keep going on if you want to progress in your job. If anything is too serious, you can talk to your teacher, or boss about the partnership with the individual. To add on, we helped our community by teaching the necessary use of unity. Teaching to work together makes the community united as one making the society more humble, and calm

Digging Deeper;

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To help out the community, and work together to help around we can;
-Shovel driveways
-Mow the lawn
-Volunteer with friends to clean up trash around the community
-When it's fall rake the leaves around
In conclusion, there are so many ways to help out your neighborhood. Working out with a group of friends is a way to make the process more fun and quicker.

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