Sunday, 16 October 2016


This question depends on the past and future events Canada had and is currently offering. My opinion to this would be, somewhat.

In the past, some problems people didn't know how to deal with was the language barriers, and housing. Some couldn't understand some situations because they weren't familiar with the words others were trying to convey. Housing is a great example to a few of those problems with language barriers. A major key to moving in a new country was to secure housing. The issue here was, new people, a new country, and no awareness of pricing. Nowadays the internet is a big resource to solving these concerns, but in the past there weren't many options.

Currently, Canada is openly accepting and very welcoming to immigrants and refugees who need our help and a place to stay. We provide healthcare, education and a place for them to freely live. Today, Canada's one of the countries that allow for a efficient worker from a third world to legally live in a developed country. Canada will always aid families who need food, shelter, clothes, and once again, education.

To my conclusion, Canada has had its rough spots, but it's improved throughout time. Though language barriers and housing problems may have been issues, its been solved within age. Now we have a welcoming economy which grants immigrants and refugees freedom and shelter to stay or even legally live. We are pleased to comfort families that need a hand to help out. I wonder what more Canada is or might offer in the future!


  1. you did a great job! you were very clear. but bee more specific about the past, and history.

  2. You did a really good job I liked that you were clear and right to the point