Monday, 3 April 2017


"Why do you think society has this issue, and can't move forward?"

Sexism, the comparison of a gender in a rude manner. How did this social issue even come up for many years to go around? Why don't we end the problem once and for all? Honestly speaking, I don't exactly know all these answers. I did a little research and apparently long ago when humans were first created, both genders did work equally. Soon, marriages started. Then to result in having kids the women would decide to take care of the children while the men would hunt. Throughout the years, this made women potray as the "not as strong as men" gender. Although today and in the past we resolved and have proven the sterotypes relating to the equality to women, it continues. Why? Once again, I don't know for sure but I believe some individuals are taught ideas held as standard. Not everyone is perfect, meaning some people respect their opinions and result in being sexist as well as other social issues like rasicm. Others can be straight up rude. In conclusion, I'm not sure of anything but sexism is wrong and continuing the problem just makes it worse. Gender comparison shouldn't matter because we all are equal, and that counts.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Who has Power?

My peers and I had started this lesson off with choosing a topic that contains power. Social media is the power I chose to do with my fellow partners. After researching and finding links to support our reasoning's of media’s power, we had to present the information done. This was a significant session because today social media is a huge influence to youth. This generation is impacted so much from media it’s unbelievable. Today the most influential people, like celebrities, affect youth to an extent where some assume they need to look similar to those, and change their appearances to become “more beautiful”.
Social media does not only have a power for bad use, but once again can inspire to do something great, or just to try out something new. For example, you can search up room decor on tumblr for inspiration to redo your bedroom and to try out some new ideas. I would say I did improve because as a kid revolving around technology I did feel I was not as beautiful as some celebrities to meet up to their standards. Today I love the way I look and I know that I am beautiful in my own way. I feel to understand and acknowledge the effect social media has is necessary to realize.

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Service Leadership Day Project. 

My partner and I presented to the class about group work and effort. We wanted to teach the class on the importance on teamwork and group activities. This was significant because it brought the class together to work as a community to learn how effective working alongside can be. Before we started we wanted to acknowledge what a students perspective is on team effort. My partner and I interviewed Sana Amin to sort of analyze her point of view of the topic. Group work can help in the future when you may have to endeavor with someone you may not get along with. I learned you can also finish given tasks quicker with the help of teamwork, and effective use of time. My partner and I improved on the feedback given back for us to develop, and upgrade. As I mentioned before, group work helps us acknowledge what achievements and how  many tasks you can accomplish with cooperation of others. In the future if your boss partners you up with an individual you may not like, too bad. You're going to have to keep going on if you want to progress in your job. If anything is too serious, you can talk to your teacher, or boss about the partnership with the individual. To add on, we helped our community by teaching the necessary use of unity. Teaching to work together makes the community united as one making the society more humble, and calm

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To help out the community, and work together to help around we can;
-Shovel driveways
-Mow the lawn
-Volunteer with friends to clean up trash around the community
-When it's fall rake the leaves around
In conclusion, there are so many ways to help out your neighborhood. Working out with a group of friends is a way to make the process more fun and quicker.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Cities (living) Connects to Population (people):

The aging community have powered discussion about the financial sustainable reasons of healthcare in our country, Canada. As the population is aging, the increase of healthcare costs have also risen. Requirements related to the health care assistance, will expand in the older mature population. Hospitals, home care aid, and long term equipment will soon become an additional load.

Solutions to these issues;
Harmonizing health and social assistance, enhancing conversations along with patients and employers proposing extra time approaching the convenient services, would be the movement to an unified organization. As well as involving the connection to social care, alongside long term care for the enhancement of well being results, coverage of money and the shrinkage of back-up balanced care in hospitals. Also, helping with the costs of healthcare I will reduce the prices down at a reasonable amount.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016



Development of sinkholes, failure of biodiversity, erosions, and more are the encouragement of mining. The use of catastrophic emissions due to the mining and the processing of plants has been encouraged to an amount of $1 billion. For the past 20 years, this issue has been arising. 

The mining industry and acid precipitation causes issues related to:

-Soil, atmosphere, water, and vegetation are destroyed causing destruction the environment surrounding us.
-The decease of aquatic animals; fish, sea turtles, moon jellyfish, etc.
-As acid rain drops on buildings, it causes decomposition. 
-Different kinds of chemicals are free to roam while the development of mining continues.
-We humans, and the animals around, face the consequences of waste in water.

Health problems are created for the workers in the mining industry. Sickness, infections, that may possibly  evolve to death, develop when the miners leave the holes they've dug for puddles to materialize. Communities that don't work for these mining industries may also get harmed by the chemicals released by workers. For example, chemicals released in water can discharge diseases for random folk who one day probably decide to; take a bath, wash certain objects, drink the water, or even play in it.

Solutions to create less construction to acid precipitation would be to:

-Purchase Eco-friendly brands.
-Take the subway, walk, take your bike to wherever your destination is, if available. 
-Definitely reduce, reuse, and recycle.
-Energy-efficient brands are the way to go!

My opinion to this situation would be to try and make a change in the way things work to make our environment more sustainable. Walking, taking a bus, car-pooling, riding a bike, spending less time on electronics, concentrating on family time, are some ways to 'speed' up the process we need to take in order for our planet's impact to perform. Miners should focus on the the impact they can make by using less effective ways for our environment to be safer.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016


In my opinion, global warming/ climate change is startling, and a serious matter to be taken care of. We as humans don't realize the issues we create for ourselves, the world, and the environment surrounding us. Animal extinctions, the burning of fossil fuels, droughts, wildfires, floods, are the root to our beginning. We are the cause of these universal concerns, but we can be the solution too.

To be the resolution, we can start to conserve energy, plant trees, reduce, reuse, recycle, make better transportation choices, make every drop of water count, and so much more. We can't rewind all the damage we have done to the environment but we can do something to rectify our mistakes.

We aren't just saving the planet but saving ourselves as well. If we do go extinct, without us the circumstance won't matter because in millions, or billions of years from now the earth will heal itself.

In conclusion, all these little facts, and things can result in big changes healing our planet, and importantly, us. Its essential for all of us, in fact everyone to care and be involved in the situation. 

Sunday, 16 October 2016


This question depends on the past and future events Canada had and is currently offering. My opinion to this would be, somewhat.

In the past, some problems people didn't know how to deal with was the language barriers, and housing. Some couldn't understand some situations because they weren't familiar with the words others were trying to convey. Housing is a great example to a few of those problems with language barriers. A major key to moving in a new country was to secure housing. The issue here was, new people, a new country, and no awareness of pricing. Nowadays the internet is a big resource to solving these concerns, but in the past there weren't many options.

Currently, Canada is openly accepting and very welcoming to immigrants and refugees who need our help and a place to stay. We provide healthcare, education and a place for them to freely live. Today, Canada's one of the countries that allow for a efficient worker from a third world to legally live in a developed country. Canada will always aid families who need food, shelter, clothes, and once again, education.

To my conclusion, Canada has had its rough spots, but it's improved throughout time. Though language barriers and housing problems may have been issues, its been solved within age. Now we have a welcoming economy which grants immigrants and refugees freedom and shelter to stay or even legally live. We are pleased to comfort families that need a hand to help out. I wonder what more Canada is or might offer in the future!